9: OC Fashion Week, Event Production and Sales Strategy with CEO and Executive Producer Kathryn Marino

Photo via Orange County Register | Edited by Star Jeries

Photo via Orange County Register | Edited by Star Jeries

Kathryn Marino

Kathryn Marino is the Executive Producer of Orange County Fashion Week® the entertainment and Orange County-based incentive agency, specializes in runway entertainment, branding, advertising and business retail tourism. The 5-Star destination site highlights the OC luxury lifestyle and offers strategic digital and broadcast media campaigns, incentive meetings, rewards, and event consultation with "creative instinct" for innovative social solutions for valuable incentives that bolster business, community relations, and long lasting alliances.

With a well-rounded professional journey ranging from marketing to sales to events to fashion and, of course, strategic organizational development as a CEO; Kathryn embodies what it means to be a creative strategist.

She believes that successful corporate and civic partnerships, must be equally beneficial to the venue, the sponsors and the community at large. Only then is an event a true success and her mission complete. OC Fashion Week® is dedicated to emerging designers worldwide and recognizing inner beauty awareness: supporting leaders in retail whose business models are distinguished for making a world of difference.


Who is Kathryn Marino? How did you get started in your career. What made you choose fashion?

“Fashion chose me! …I was actually and Economics major at San Diego State University. Originally I was an International Business Major with a minor in French.”

Marketing Research Analyst —> Sponsorship Sales —> Sponsorship Agency Founder - Aston Martin Elite Tour Producer, Hauteoc Traveler —> CEO, OC Fashion Week

Let’s talk a bit more about your past life in sponsorship. How do you believe your skills in sales, marketing, and events benefit you in your current role as a CEO?

“You can build a freedom that you’ve never known as long as you find a way to substantiate it.”

Work in 15 minute intervals, move the event forward.

“Time and pressure, I use it to my advantage.”

“…you want to work with people that can be decisive that have the power, the a-game, that are athletes…do they have the creative drive, do they have the instinct, can they make a decision that moves people forward?”

"Some people won’t give themselves permission to make a decision…”

You have a BIG event coming up! Let’s talk about OC Fashion Week! How did OC Fashion Week get started? What can we expect this upcoming week? What are your major goals for future of this amazing, week-long event?

Emerging designers, homage to Karl Lagerfeld, incredible brand experiences, and more!

Dates: Saturday March 23 - Wednesday March 27, 2019

How can we buy tickets? How can we follow along? Social media handles, website, etc.

Purchase Tickets via Instagram: @ocfashionweek

Purchase Tickets via Website: http://ocfashionweek.com

It sounds like you embody a balance between business mind and creative spirit. How has that served you in your career?

“I was… originally a research analyst looking for problem to solve or a story to tell with the numbers.”

Looks at spend and purchasing power as a piece of the event story for OC Fashion Week. In terms of capital or spend believes Orange County could be a fashion capital based on spend.

“…to be in business, you have to have the sales… and to do accurate marketing you have to promote marketing that has deliverables with consumer buying power that has the ability to surpass that expectation.”

What is the biggest piece of advice you have for young business professionals and entrepreneurs?

“I think that everybody’s journey is their own and I want them to discover the world they were missing. Sometimes to do that, we have to step outside of that circle where everybody puts limitations on you. Everybody tells you what you need to be, or who you need to be, or how to define you. Every time they hear that and somebody tells them no they can’t do it, no it’s impossible; anytime somebody tells them they’re not good enough, they’ll never be good enough… it could be a parent… it could be someone from their childhood, it could be a teacher frustrated with their job, a co-worker frustrated with their job… I want them to put on a shield of armor and question whether they are wearing someone else’s fear…anxiety…limitations…ability to achieve more than what’s possible, and I want them to let it go. Just let it go, and let it be that they can own their own destiny.”

How can our listeners connect with you? What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @ocfashionweek | @hauteoc

Website: http://ocfashionweek.com